Children's Choir - Pilot Program

Lyrica Sacra has been presenting programs since 2014, and in looking to further our mission, a children’s choir will be piloted this fall. As a pilot project it will be limited in scope: enrollment will be 25 singers (or less), the amount and difficulty of the repertoire will be restricted, and canvassing will initially be in a small number of churches. A brief public presentation is anticipated the weekend of Nov. 24 (specifics TBD). Should this prove successful, we hope to have a children’s choir participating in the main Lyrica Sacra programs next spring, with the full choir and orchestra.

  • Attendance is a priority. In light of the limited rehearsal schedule, we hope that all children will attend all rehearsals. If you know you cannot be present for three full rehearsals, we ask that you withhold participation for this cycle.
  • Rehearsal dates are as follows:
  • Tuesday, October 22nd
  • Tuesday, October 29nd
  • Tuesday, November 12th
  • Tuesday, November 19th
  • Students are expected to fully master all music presented, and to do so as soon as possible. This will involve home practice with sound tracks as provided (via online links, etc.).
  • Eligibility: we are interested in children 
    • Who want to sing and want to sing well, and have a reasonable ability or promise to do so (should a child need remediation, we’ll be glad to assist, but in a separate arena). 
    • Who can understand and take instruction about singing, diction, and vocabulary.
    • Experience is not specifically required.
    • Age: we are not setting firm age limits, though expect most singers will be in the 7/8 - 13/14 age window.
    • We would need to individually evaluate interested boys whose voices have started to change.
  • It is expected that all participants adhere to the Lyrica Sacra Attire Statement (see HERE). Realizing that younger girls may not have begun to veil themselves, we ask that 1) the child be within the full approval of the parents and congregational leadership in this matter (whatever their approval may involve), and 2) should it seem that one has come to the age of accountability, we may, on an individual basis, approach the parents to know more about whether there has been a profession of Christian faith and the status of the child’s not veiling.
  • It is hoped interested singers would complete the online application below by Saturday, October 5 (with preference given to those who do so).
    • NameAge 
      (Click on ⊕ to add additional children)
    • Names of ParentsPhone #
    • Where/when is the child frequently or regularly engaged in singing – i.e. home, school, congregation, frequent family singing, etc.? Please indicate if these involve regular rehearsals and if so, how long and frequent the rehearsals are (i.e. 60 minutes, every other week, Nov. through Jan.). Please answer separately for each child.
    • We’d like to hear each child sing, to directly assess their abilities. Please indicate which of these sessions you will come to for this purpose. No specific preparation is needed, and these will include known songs and easy vocal exercises. This will be done in groups, with brief portions for individual singing. A time can be custom scheduled if needed, but you are encouraged to attend one of the listed sessions if at all possible.
    • Please be in touch with any questions by contacting us.
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