As usually happens among conservative churches where issues of dress are addressed, questions of attire have arisen here (some are preemptive).  This statement is to:

  • To bring some consistency of expression.
  • To minimize distractions due to differences in performer attire (i.e., minimize distractions for both the audience and the performers).
  • To expand on the application statement that participants will have “conservative attire, and the head veiling for women.”

Men: We ask that tight-fitting clothes be avoided and that buttoned shirts be worn (not T-shirts, etc.).

Women:  We ask that women in this group wear head veilings covering half the head, a double layer over the body, and skirts below mid-calf. Further, that cosmetics and jewelry be limited to remedial and/or medical use only.

We ask that these standards be maintained as follows:

  1. That they be observed during participation with this group, whether in rehearsals or concerts.
  2. That they be held with respect by participants both when with us and when away from group activities, even though they may dress differently at other times.

We do not anticipate making further, more detailed statements; any concerns will be addressed individually.  We encourage deference from those with more “freedom” toward those who have chosen “less” freedom, with each using their freedoms for the edification of all.

May a very real spirit of grace and Godly protection prevail over all, that we may move forward unencumbered in the task before us!

Last Revision: Oct 27th, 2017