Thanks for applying to participate in the upcoming Lyrica Sacra program!

The next step is to send a recording of your singing and/or playing, to help us get acquainted with you musically.  If you need help with any of the information below, you might want to be in touch with someone in your local setting who can guide you through the musical specifics; otherwise be in touch with us for clarification.  Further:

General specs:

  • Video is preferred, though audio is OK.  Your recording should be uploaded to the cloud (DropBox, Google Drive, other), and then provide the link to us. Please double check that the files are easily accessible. (e.g. no sign-in required etc)
  • Music should be unaccompanied.
  • Though it's understood that there will be applicants of varied skill levels, we will look for control, accuracy and tone quality, as well as technical facility at whatever skill level you may be at.
  • Please include a scanned copy of the first page of your piece(s). Be sure to include the title and composer, and skip any pages that are primarily accompaniment.

1. Required pieces:

2. Include additional music to make at least one minute of music

  • Selections must be sung in English
  • Selections should clearly show your range - choose or pitch selections to show both upper and lower range limits.
  •  All pieces may be pitched higher or lower to accommodate your range.

Instrumentalists: selection(s) should -

  • Include varied articulations and dynamics
  • String players: demonstrate ability with the positions (as appropriate for your skill level)
  • Brass/Winds: double and triple tonguing (if able)
  • Percussion: please include as many of the 40 basic rudiments as you have learned (see here)
  • Include additional music to make at least three minutes of music

Submit Your Recordings